Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Getting Ready

Tonight I put together the baby bed that my children used 33 and 30 years ago. It was also used for 2 babies for friends. I think I put the gate that goes up and down on backwards, but that's okay. It'll remain stationery. But, think! This baby bed is so old and we still have all the parts; it went together pretty easily once I discovered the knack. Took me an hour to find the knack. Ha. We hope Romy likes the bed and the new Grover Sheets and the little Pooh blankie.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Yard

This just in: Every day is busy in this house! Ha! Still lots of work to do in the yard ,but the grill is sporting a new cover and there are more supportive little fences by the irises. The new hose waits to be screwed up to the new outdoor faucet. The backyard seems brand new! Plans STILL include more flowers to be planted, patio to be weeded and a few branches cut off. The latter may have to wait a few weeks.
Countdown to party is now T minus 3.5 days. And I have to work every day. So, will make use of the evenings!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Homes on the borderline

We live on the city-edge of an inner ring suburb. Our houses along this block face the city. Some call our houses "the moat". Others call them the "front line" or "the buffer". Across the street from us (in the city) is a university. Aha! Yes, hence the title of the blog! Oy vey, she *finally* got to the point, you say.

So, anyway, tonight we are attending our first city council meeting of the suburb of which we belong to help them help us and help the city. We've been besieged by students renting houses in this residential neighborhood. We don't mind students, but we don't like their loud parties and beer cans, and it's affecting our QOL and our housing values. So, we'll see what happens.........

Sunday, June 08, 2008


I've noticed a pattern: plan for 2x, get 1x done. Okay, so yesterday we made a dent in the yard, lopping off the lilacs and planting impatiens (there, I finally spelled it correctly). I love lilacs, but trimming these back was the best thing ever. Our backyard is smallish and cutting the bushes back has opened it up tremendously. It will be a great party space :)
Lena is on the home stretch now! Just 2 finals and one presentation, then GRADUATION! We are SO proud of her for her accomplishments! It will be a very happy party on Saturday.
Now, back to work........