Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Movie Update

Last week when the electricity was out, we escaped the dark house in the evenings by going to movies. First we saw Burn After Reading. Oh my goodness, Brad Pitt is sooooo funny. It was a typical Coen Brothers' movie -- weird, uneven and right on. The second movie we saw was Ghost Town. I liked this one better; it almost reminded us of a Capra-genre film. Ricky Gervais is hilarious and Tia Leone is so sweet.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Newfangled thing called Electricity

Here we are now, with electricity!! Seven days and six hours without power. We walked around the house marvelling at how much we can see and finding things that had been lost this past week. Now we are watching our Boob-tube, getting our fix by watching "Mad Men" on AMC.

Yoo hoo!


We are 7 days and 4.5 hours without power.   Ike and some sisters came roaring through Ohio last Sunday 9/14/08.  How does it feel?  Powerless.   We've been through the different cycles..  cooking "refrigerator stew", going out to eat, eating Peanut Butter and crackers, and now are cooking canned goods with cheap meats out on the grill.  Feels good to not go to restaurants and better to eat better food.  But, we are missing our fresh veggies.
We've burned candles each night , and gone to movies twice.

So, is this postmodern or what?