Monday, January 19, 2009

Change in the air

Tomorrow Barack Obama will be inaugurated president of the United States of America. We will have a quiet celebration at home. We are so very happy this moment has come and are so very hopeful once again for the United States.

We cannot stop now and just let those in Washington work for change. We have to continue the grass roots movement in our own communities. Choose your cause, an issue that is near and dear to your heart and volunteer to help it move in the right direction.

Here are some words from our President-Elect

Dan's Treatment

70% of the way there! Today was 30 of 43!

You go, Dan! So far, Dan has held true to the doctor's prediction that he would "sail through treatment". Here's hope that it continues. There's just 13 more to go, less than 2 weeks' worth of treatments.

Although there's no discernible difference, the first 25 treatments were more "general area" radiation treatments. Now the radiation is centered more directly on the prostate and not the surrounding area.