Sunday, June 20, 2010

A dog named Boo

Boo Doggie has gone to play with old Jackie and Ripple on the Rainbow Bridge.  We are still trying to get used to the quiet.  She was with us for thirteen and a half years. 

Greeting and Guarding were her "things".  When we were gone to work all day, gone for a week on vacation, or when the kids were gone for six months at a time, she greeted us with little yelps of happiness, running in circles and jumping up a bit to tell us how overjoyed she was that we were back home with her when we returned.   Often after work when I'd arrive home she would be in the back yard.  She would run in circles (fast) in the yard, then end up in "her" corner and start digging.  Sometimes when we would go upstairs and she was on the bed, she'd greet us by running around in circles on the bed and barking.  If you can imagine, these were all with a smile on her face. 

Strangers or infrequent visitors were greeted with barks and growls that sometimes scared them... as it was designed to do.  But, once they got into the house they were like family.  She'd follow them from room to room perhaps keeping an eye on them?   If a person was scared of her, she knew it and it made her uncomfortable. More barking would ensue. 

She was always in the same rooms with us, sleeping, guarding, always listening.  She wasn't a big cuddler. We used to say when she'd lay 2 feet from us that she was cuddling.  Like many doggies, she loved to have her back rubbed and scratched.  She listened to Dan's theories and helped him through illnesses.  They were best buddies.

Last of all, she loved people food.  Yummy.  She didn't understand when Dan told her not all dogs get Jarlsberg cheese for snacks......   And she loved her treats.  Thanks to Martha, for the last year of Boo's life she got Pupperoni or Beggin Strips every day.  

 We miss her........