Monday, March 09, 2009


No, not the kind the nuns used to wear. Those other kinds, the actions that stay with you even though you wish they wouldn't. The actions that you find yourself doing without even thinking. The kind that one minute you think " sheesh, I just .................". Oh, those habits! The bad ones, yeah.
I'm one of those to whom bad habits stick like glue. I'm peeling them off one by one. Smoking? Gone. Biting fingernails? Gone.

Now, on to the good ones! Exercise daily! Yes! I'm currently in a bit of physical therapy mode (nothing serious) and find that performing even the teeniest exercises daily requires a bit of a ... push? Thinking and nudging myself to do it. It'll take five minutes. I'll take time to enjoy the satisfaction that comes after as well.

What bad habits have you shed? How do you keep the good habits going?