Monday, October 01, 2007

Dining Out

We went to a movie on Saturday night at the Greene. Yup. We do go there now and then even though it's a weird place. After the movie we tried to find a place for a glass of wine and a bite to eat. Pub ... 1.5 hour wait. McCormick & Schmick's .. 40 minute wait and no smiles or invite to sit at the bar and wait. Okay, so maybe Flemings 1 hr wait but they were nice and invited us to sit at the bar. We had wine, then found a table in the bar area only to be left sitting with no follow up. We left after telling the manager about the unacceptable service. The bartender noticed and didn't charge us when D went to settle up before we left. So, one drink... still no bite to eat. Then we called the Pine Club... 1.5 hr wait. We decided to drive to Meadowlark, one of our favorite restaurants. Apparently it's other's favorite as well. 40 minute wait there. Since we weren't in the mood to wait, we pressed on. We ended up in a nearly empty Figlio. We ordered our food, then found it was pretty spicy. We rechecked the menu to make sure we hadn't overlooked "spicy", but it wasn't there. Not a good end to a lackluster evening. Hey.. the movie was great! More on that later

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