Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Office Stuff & Names

Things are heating up at work and at home. In a good way. I have a new hire at work; I think we've made a good choice this time. (Last time the guy stayed 3 weeks, then left an email resignation after coming in at 3 a.m. to clear out his desk!).

With this hire, we have 2 people named "John" in our division. This is in addition to others:
2 named Beverly(and an additional on contract),
2 named Lynette (Linette, Lynette)
2 named Barbara
2 with last name Mullins
~~~ And we only have 30 people in our offices!

I feel fortunate; while Ohio/Dayton is in a recession ~~ but there were 163 job ads for IT folks on dice.com just in Dayton alone! We've had the staff vacancy for awhile.

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