Friday, December 26, 2008

The Big Apple

We had a whirlwind visit in NYC. I've almost disowned Craigslist, but not quite yet. We rented an apartment from a nice young man that was about 10 blocks from the kid's place. It was a shoebox, but that's fine. We weren't there very much. What was the issue? Wellll, it had no heat! He had said "You can't control the radiator, so here's how to open the window if it gets too hot". Then he proceeded to show Dan how to open the big city window (bars n such because it was on a fire escape.) But, we never had to use it! Instead we were wearing sweaters to bed and cuddling to keep warm. But, oh! the Adventure!

Mooper continues to grow and learn new words. I had gotten toy tips from other bloggers and from folks at work. It pays to do your homework! She loved them all. The Super Slider is enthralling and she quickly learned to push the button for froggy. Munchkin's Mozart Magic Cube is delightful, with its melodies and instrument control. On no one's advice we bought her an old fashioned jack-in-the-box. She wasn't afraid! When the clown popped out she looked at it and said "oh!".

We had a couple of lovely dinners with Aba and Ima. All too early we had to board the plane back to Ohio.

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