Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ring in the New Year: Year of Healing

Here are some photos from our Christmas celebration. Only one person couldn't make it -- she needed her R&R after a 3 week trip home and also carrying a baby inside.

So, we had a lovely time. We got a Charlie Brown tree and had a few presents. Books were notable (those present and not). Funny gifts and ones that had been lost and found were highlights. Musical gifts, gifts for others than the recipient, and gifts to make good food were all in abundance.

So were parties with old friends and new ones. Games to be played and noshes and drinks to be had . Even Boo, the doggie got her special Christmas treats.
It was special this year and perfect.
I love my family.


  1. Barb, you look adorable in that photo from 1970! Thanks for the blog link -- jenjen

  2. Great pictures that you have here Barb, and great family too... I wish you the best for all of you.