Saturday, June 12, 2010


This one is in our backyard under the Viburnum

Hosta:  The name Hosta is in honor of the Austrian botanist Nicholas Thomas Host.[2] The Japanese name Giboshi is also used in English to a small extent. The rejected generic name Funkia, also used as a common name, can be found in some older literature.  (from wikipedia)

They grow so well in Ohio and especially in our backyard where there's lots of shade.  With the gracious help of friends, we got new hostas for our front "parking" area.   We also have some in the backyard and along both sides of the house, West and North.  (On the North is the Shade Garden which will have it's own post).


The "Before" picture: just dirt


Wonderful Friends Donating and Planting Hostas!

Some hostas in

Not the best picture, but you see the hostas ringing the trees and also the ivy is planted now too.

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  1. Nice! Between the work done in the backyard and along the sidewalk, your place is looking beautiful!