Friday, November 21, 2008


The University hosted a dinner this week for all the neighborhood organizations that surround the school. There were church representatives, neighborhood organizations and businesses. It was an opportunity to meet staff at the University who are in charge of student living and government relations and have conversations with them. The president of the University spoke to us about what they have accomplished this year and what is in store for the future. It was a good networking evening and a pleasant night out.

This type of event opens doors for our organization to further our perspectives and make our neighborhood an even better place to live.

Thanks, U.D!

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  1. Thanks for the comment, Barbara. We certainly have an uphill road in front of us. We formed a neighborhood organization when we moved in, and we have support from the development group, the city, the housing authority, and historic groups. BUT this is Macon, and issues are resolved piecemeal, slowly and sometimes backwards, even with the best intentions. Oh I could go on and on. I think the hardest thing for us to bear is the absolute disconnect the students have with their environment. They drive $40K SUVs, and have no idea or consideration that at least 50% of this neighborhood live at or below the poverty level. And to top it off, they've turned their brand new house into stinking disaster.

    Okay, BP check. Must breathe deeply. I wouldn't live anywhere else in Macon. Those lovely suburbanites (some of whom I consider friends) have way to many NObama signs around for my liking.