Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not enough to do?

Not enough to do? Today is a WOOT-OFF!!

See, is a site where they sell one thing a day... usually. They are typically nerdy things like memory sticks, computers, speakers, things like that.

BUT, every now and then they have a "Woot-Off" where they sell left over stuff until it's gone. And today is your lucky day, it's a Woot-Off day.

Have some fun discovering something new and you just might find that one thing you've been looking for............ Woot-Off!


  1. Meant to say thanks for the Woot link. New addiction.

  2. ha! My family makes fun of me for liking Woot, but I can't help it :)

  3. You are a WOOT maniac. What else have you gotten from there and haven't told me....?