Friday, December 12, 2008

Another week.........

Well, 11 down, 32 to go! More than 25% of the way there! You go Dan!

This weekend: We are readying for Christmas/Solstice celebrations. We'll be finalizing presents for those out West and those out East. We have a wedding to go to tomorrow! These two people are pretty darn special and do so well together. It will be a joyful day.

I'm not sure how many days its been since we've seen the sun. Dayton is doing it's usual in contributing to the SAD syndrome in Ohio. Oh funny, just as I type this the sun peeks out! How can that be? Well, not for long, I see. Just enough to let me know that the sun still exists.

Been reading movie reviews in the NYT; looks like there will be some good ones out for the holiday season. I'll report after viewing.


  1. Thinking of you all often. I'd love to read some movie reviews. Netflix is the only mode by which I see anything. I suppose that's the result of two wee ones in the house.

  2. it's = its

    Yes, that's just like Dayton clouds, to break for a moment to remind us that if it isn't bad can't have sunshine either!

    I have an idea. You and Dad should move to where the sun DOES shine (not to be confused with where the 'sun doesn't shine' of course. :)

  3. No movies yet, Ellen! soon soon! Lena... ummm you might mean SD? brrrrry.