Thursday, December 04, 2008

This week

Tomorrow is Friday. In astrology Friday is connected with the planet Venus. This associates Friday with love, peace, and relaxation. Dan gets a free day with no visit to MVH tomorrow. It may be due to the new machine delivery.

So, as of today the count is 6 down, 37 to go.

We are looking forward to the weekend. We'll be buying 3 new outdoor lamps for our house. We have 2 front porches and 1 back door that have lights. They all need replacing! Electrician is scheduled for December 11. I'd love to put about 3 on the garage, too, but those will have to wait. The economy, you know.... We also have a Christmas Brunch to attend on Sunday afternoon.

Do you have weekend plans?


  1. Well, Tim and I were invited to the 3rd Annual Buck Show. Lots of barbecue and dead deer heads. The directions on the invitation say, "follow the trail of blood." Sounds fascinating, yes?
    I am going to throw up now.

  2. Going to get a Christmas Tree and try to get in the holiday mood. Our house was broken into while we were away for Thanksgiving, and I'm feeling a little inside out, upside down, and generally all wrong.

    Glad to read your posts though.