Thursday, January 08, 2009

Technology and Me and Thee

Technology and me and all my family and friends is what that title really should read. We just got finished Skyping with Lena and Tim. It was especially touching because it's been a bad day. Lena was in a car accident this morning. She appears to be OK -- bruised and shaken up with a bump on the head -- but it was a scary accident with the car flying off the highway over the service road into a field.

It was soooo wonderful to see her face and make her smile and see that too. We looked GREAT in our PJ's and sweats, I'm sure. We joked about bringing Tim's family into the world of technology. I bet his nephews would LOVE Skype.

Our granddaughter is growing up Skyping every week with her grandparents who are in two very different parts of the globe from her. We laugh and sing and talk about elbows.

So, if you are reading this and you would like some help to do "voice and video over IP" (= FREE), drop me a note or a comment and I will help.

For those of us far away from people we love, it's the bees knees.


  1. Skype IS cool. It just makes life a little more fun to actually see your loved ones smiling...

    it's worth it for those who are skeptics!!

    Love you, Mama.

  2. I hope Ms. Lena was ok...
    car accidents suck.
    Good to hear that Dan is on leave and taking it easy to get well as well.
    I miss the Millers.