Monday, August 03, 2009

Ok I should post more often

My new August resolution to post more often. If I can find something useful, interesting or just plain fun to write!

** Our trip through Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and back again was fabulous. We saw many relatives and friends, did some genealogical digging, visited our daughter and her beau, saw some awesome windmills, and got 26.5 miles to the gallon!

** It's August and school-time is coming up. Will be a big adjustment as Dan hasn't been teaching this past semester. He's already gearing up.

Take care! I'll find some more to talk about soon.


  1. Yes, you should post more often. I like your posts.

  2. I look forward to followthrough on your August resolution. Just imagine the impact of your New Year's Resolution after this! :) Posting seems to be difficult for me as well....